Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Give us a reason to come home’: Irish nurses hold rally at Sydney Opera House

More than 250 Irish nurses gathered at the Sydney Opera House on Saturday to urge the Irish Government to increase pay and “give us a reason to come home.”
The group in Australia came out to show its support for nurses and midwives in Ireland who are going on strike on January 30th over pay and conditions.
Irish nurse Laura Phillips said the pay in Ireland is “not competitive” and that hundreds of Irish-trained nurses working in Australia will not come home until salaries improve.

An investigation into compassion fatigue and self-compassion in acute medical care hospital nurses: a mixed methods study

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An investigation into compassion fatigue and self-compassion in acute medical care hospital nurses: a mixed methods study:



In the acute medical care hospital setting, nursing the sick and dying is both physically and emotionally demanding, making acute medical care hospital nurses more vulnerable to Compassion Fatigue (CF) or Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS). If not addressed in its earliest stages, CF can adversely change the caregiver’s ability to provide compassionate care. It has been shown that Self-Compassion (SC) can be beneficial for the caregiver, with corresponding benefits for the individual needing care. However, the relationship of this attribute to CF in the acute medical care hospital nursing setting has not been intensively studied. This study explores the environmental and psychosocial factors affecting the prevalence and levels of CF in acute medical care hospital nursing staff and whether SC can be used as a coping strategy that enables nurses to mitigate the prevalence and levels of CF.

The 3 habits of calm: TV doctor on how to reduce stress

Dr Rangan Chatterjee has seen first-hand how stress affects his patients - and has found simple but effective methods to help them. Here he describes how small changes can help you to lead a more fulfilled and calmer life.

When we consider stress, we don't usually think of meaning and purpose. But living a life that's devoid of these qualities is inherently stressful. I'd even go as far as to say that the single best way of living a calmer, happier life is to do it with a strong sense of purpose. But what do I mean by 'purpose'? One way of thinking about it is as living your life on purpose.
People with a strong sense of purpose enjoy significantly better health compared to those who don't, including less likelihood of developing heart disease, strokes and depression. Research also shows that they sleep better and live longer.
Perhaps more crucially, though, people with a sense of purpose live happier lives.
But here's the problem. In order to find out who we are and what our purpose is, and then begin to change our lives, we need time. And time is precisely the thing that the modern world is stealing from us.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Mental Health Reform Ireland

Mental Health Reform is the leading national coalition on mental health in Ireland. We have over 70 member organisations, representing a broad range of interests, like housing, disability, children’s rights, human rights, ethnic minorities and many others. Mental Health Reform provides a unified voice campaigning to drive progressive reform of mental health services and supports in Ireland.
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Mental health patients 'should be given more rights over treatment

People with serious mental health problems should be given a host of new rights to ensure they receive better care if they are detained for compulsory treatment, an inquiry ordered by Theresa May has found.
The 50,000 people a year who are sectioned under the Mental Health Act should be able to set out how they want to be looked after and challenge doctors’ decisions about them, said the year-long independent review, led by Prof Sir Simon Wessely, an ex-president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.
The review said patients detained in a psychiatric unit need a major extension of their rights because being locked up can be “traumatic” and “damaging.”
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Ireland: An article in The Irish Times 2017 : Read More: Reform of mental health law should put the patient’s voice to the fore

Faster diagnosis from 'transformational' gene project

Scientists in Cambridge have completed the world's largest gene sequencing project in healthcare - which brings hope of better understanding of diseases and faster diagnosis. 
People with rare diseases, their family members and cancer patients took part.
Genomics England described the project as "transformational in what it means to society and humanity".
One in four participants with rare diseases received a diagnosis for the first time.
Until now, parents of children with rare genetic conditions typically spent years trying to find out the cause.
The 100,000 Genomes Project has ended this "diagnostic odyssey" for many families, and in some cases, led to effective treatments.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Fury over plans to phase out nursing homes in 20 years

Minister for Older People Jim Daly has become embroiled in a furious row with the nursing home industry over his plans to replace the traditional model of care with retirement villages.
Nursing Homes Ireland (NHI) wrote to the minister expressing the organisation's "fury and severe disappointment" over what they described as "derogatory" and "ill-informed" comments. The minister hit back, saying the industry's fury will not "influence" or "deter" him from reforming care for older people.
Last week, the minister told the Sunday Independent that he hoped to replace all of the country's nursing homes with retirement villages within the next 20 years.
Three days after his comments, the nursing homes industry lobby group held an emergency meeting to discuss the minister's plans

Hospital car parking fees to be capped

Hospital car parking charges will be capped at €10 per day, under new plans being introduced by Health Minister Simon Harris.
Hospitals will also be required to introduce discounted multi-day passes for relatives, guardians and friends who frequently visit patients in long-term care. This could include a consecutive two-day car parking pass for €10, a five-day pass for €20 or a 15-day pass for €35.
Hospitals will also be asked to introduce car parking passes which will allow visitors to park on 10 separate occasions over a three-month period.
However, the abolition of car parking fees has been ruled out in the report to be published soon.

Implant Files: Medical devices may have caused more than 1,000 health incidents last year

More than 1,000 adverse health episodes that might have been caused by medical devices were reported to the Irish regulator of such products last year, according to figures released to The Irish Times.
In the period from 2015 to the end of September of this year, 39 of the reports involved a patient death where it was initially suspected that the medical device was a contributing cause.
However, a spokeswoman for the regulator, the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA), said that in all 22 of the 39 cases in which investigations had concluded, and based on the information available to date, “none of the incidents which involved a patient death were confirmed to be related to a device malfunction”.


A global investigation reveals the rising human toll of lax controls and testing standards pushed by a booming industry

Patients across the world now have access to facts about faulty or dangerous medical devices — including life-threatening ones — thanks to the publication of a database that for the first time brings together information from different countries.
Compiled by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and media partners as part of our year-long Implant Files investigation in 36 countries, the database fills a critical information void.
The International Medical Devices Database (IMDD) offers unprecedented insight into a broken system. It permits users to explore more than 70,000 recalls, safety alerts and field safety notices executed in 11 countries in its first release. Users can search by device name, by manufacturer, or by country.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Dr Nandi Health Hero

A #HealthHero means being an advocate for yourself and your family, in sickness and in health. It’s about building the confidence to gain knowledge and use that knowledge to make tough decisions. I’m giving readers the necessary tools to become empowered and take ownership of his or her health choices. Whether addressing bullying or prostate cancer, community and purpose or fitness and nutrition, I am tackling tough questions, stimulating conversations, creating a new awareness of options and resources, and guiding readers to confidently make the choices that are best for them.”

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Friday, August 3, 2018

EFCAM Mission/Vision

What is EFCAM? 

EFCAM is a Federation of European Federations of specific CAM modalities and national CAM umbrella organisations. Originating in December 2004 as a forum, before becoming a registered not for profit association, it has become the major voice for practitioners of CAM in Europe embracing some 20 CAM modalities in 23 countries.
EFCAM aims to:
• ensure freedom of choice in healthcare for the European public
• improve accessibility and availability of CAM services to the European public
• pursue recognition of CAM practices
• secure the legal right to practise of appropriately trained and regulated CAM practitioners in Europe
• have CAM included in EU health policy and strategy
• advise on regulatory structures and processes appropriate to CAM disciplines
• secure the participation of CAM experts in EU CAM research projects.
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 Equitable access to healthcare, including CAM, and the sustainability of health services requires a shift towards health promotion and prevention of illness, and, towards more cost-effective treatment of illness. The CAM methods and CAM workforce are available to contribute to that.
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