Friday, April 17, 2015

NQNBC: The Width of a room: The exceptional nurses are the ones I remember most vividly:

I’ve often been asked why I took the decision to become a nurse over the last few years, and I get the impression that most of the time my response is not quite what is expected.

My journey to become a nurse began the morning of New Year’s Eve, 2009, when I was rushed to hospital with acute abdominal pain - dramatic but true. I won’t go into the minutiae of my month-long stay, but perhaps the length of my visit gives some indication as to how ill I was. It was without doubt one of the worst and most miserable periods of my life, yet also one of the most life affirming and pivotal. There were many nurses who looked after me during that time, some bad, some good, and some exceptional.

The exceptional nurses are the ones I remember most vividly:

Seeing those nurses walk onto the ward in the morning was often all it took to immeasurably improve my mood and day, irrespective of whether they were my designated nurse for that shift or not. Their mere presence made me feel confident that I would be cared for and ultimately safe during a very frightening period of overwhelming illness and uncertainty.

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