Monday, June 29, 2015

Delegation Tips for Nurses

Delegation is a tough thing to master as a new nurse.  While the NCLEX tells you which tasks are appropriate to delegate, it doesn’t exactly outline how to go about doing it.
I realize that not all units have certified nursing assistants (CNAs) or patient care technicians (techs), but many do.  This post is for those of you that are faced with this particular challenge.
While you may have mastered it on the unit that you work on, if you transfer to another hospital or even a different unit within your same facility, it’s like you’re starting all over again.
I think delegation is tough because you’re a new person walking onto a unit, becoming part of a team, but you have to delegate various tasks to people that have been on the unit for years.  Some have been informal leaders on the unit for decades.  And let’s be honest, it can be tough to be told what to do by people you just met.  You don’t trust them yet, you don’t know them, you don’t know if they’re good at their job.  While that doesn’t excuse not doing what you should, I get it.
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