Monday, August 17, 2015

Nursing poems

    Submitted by Paul Nickerson - Paul is not a Nurse, but his Mother , now retired, was for many years. Paul found this poem tucked away
    in a small photo album belonging to his mother.

    It was a game we all played as a child
    Then some of us made it a dream worthwhile
    More to learn, not as much time to share
    Because in our hearts we really cared
    We have worked the late night hours
    While others slept away
    Handles a doctor's many moods
    Then found time to pray
    Critical moments that remain as memories
    Some sad - then some are good
    Then there are the tragedies
    That will never be understood
    We see a newborn baby smile
    As we watch another slip away
    And that completes the circle
    The price for life's that paid
    Sometimes not appreciated
    When just a hug will do
    We are proud of our profession
    A gift from me to you


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