Tuesday, April 12, 2016

5 Truths Only Depressives Understand & How to Fight Back

There are some things that only depressives understand. It’s hard to describe to people who have never experienced it before and most of the time too painful.
But today, I’m going to try.
As someone with clinical depression, I fight these truths on a cycling basis. After years of healing and proactive recovery, I’ve grown to be a pro at pulling myself back out of the darkness. As strong as I’ve gotten, however, I still get hit with these issues when I least expect it.
It’s a battle to open up about what we’re feeling or thinking because a part of us believes our distortions are true. To say it out loud would surely break us.
I’ve learned that by letting the people I love in, I give myself permission to heal, and so do you. We get nowhere with silence.

Depression isn’t something to grit your teeth and bear; it’s a malady only love will heal. [tweet it]

It’s my hope that sharing these truths with you, the depressed or the compassionate, will either help you feel less alone or better understand a loved one in your life who can’t speak up yet. Below each truth, I offer how I fight back against the distortions, and also how you as a supporter might be able to support someone who’s going through a low point.
Here are the 5 truths only depressives understand (and how to fight back).

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