Friday, January 13, 2017

Are Coincidences More Than Coincidental? A Physician Shares a Compelling Story

27 Doctors Collaborate On A New Book Detailing Miraculous Physician Experiences

Have you ever had a moment where you were pondering a problem when suddenly an announcer on the radio started to discuss some approaches to that very dilemma.  My wife, Joan, who is more attuned to spiritual matters, was sewing at home when she suddenly had to jump into her car and hurry to the grade school where my son, Nathan, was just being led to the nursing station with a severe asthma attack.
Just yesterday I was going through a desk drawer looking for a schedule when a scrap of paper literally popped out of the drawer.  Written on the paper was the name of my old college roommate and his phone number which I had recorded on that yellowed sheet many years before.  We had lost contact with each other in the press of everyday life but I felt an urgency to contact him. When I did, I quickly learned why.  He was suffering from cancer and his chemotherapy had just stopped working.  I learned that he needed to talk seriously with a trusted old friend and physician about his options. Do coincidences like these happen in our daily lives more frequently than we might realize?

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