Monday, January 5, 2015

Alternative Corner: A link to possible future cancer treatments ?

Disclaimer: Alternative Corner is posted for interest only; this blog does not advocate any particular treatment.

Cancer Treatments You Have Never Heard About Could Save Your Life!
Let us start with three facts about cancer you have probably never heard before:
  1. Cancer cells can bereverted into normal cells(more than 20 treatments which do this are described on this website),
  2. Depending on the treatment that is chosen, 5-year survival rates (i.e. “cure rates”) for thesame kind of cancercan range from 3% to 90% (almost all patients use the 3% cure rate treatments because they don’t know about the 90% cure rate treatments),
  3. Inexpensive, safe and gentle cancer treatments (with 90% cure rates) have existed for decades, but very, very few people know these treatments even exist,

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