Thursday, January 15, 2015

The 12 Days of Career Tips for Nurses P1

Day 1: I am ready for my new career move. It is time to move from your current Nurse Job and this will mean a new location, new nursing colleagues as well as a new boss. Start by looking at jobs in nursing in your area that are suitable to you.
Day 2: Ask yourself am I looking for nursing jobs in Ireland or do I want to travel? There are plenty of jobs in nursing for nurses throughout Ireland in Psychiatric roles, Intellectual Disabilites roles or the Nursing Home sector to name a few. 
Day 3: Is my CV ready to send out? Is your CV up-to-date? Have you got all of your latest training and experience from your current nurse job? If you are unsure of where to start with your CV, send it into us at Nurse Jobs Ireland. Our consultants can help profile your CV and make sure it is perfect before sending it out. Remember when searching for nursing jobs in Ireland you should match your CV to the nurse job you are applying for to reflect what the employer is looking for. 
Day 4: Do some Research. Finding the right company for you works both ways. Employers want nurses who will fit into their daily processes and become a valued member of their team. A quick Google search can supply you with a wave of information. Knowledge is power.

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