Friday, July 10, 2015

HIQA publishes guide to linking learning to National Standards

This is new guidance to help hospitals and healthcare providers improve quality and safety by linking recommendations — from previous HIQA investigations and reviews into healthcare services — with National Standards that they are expected to meet.

Findings included:
?         22 recommendations in all seven reports relating to the importance of the correct model of care (this represented 9% of all 232 recommendations)
?         14 recommendations relating to the importance of integrated care
?         40 recommendations were about the need for formalised accountability and governance arrangements
?         14 recommendations relating to management arrangements and eight linked to workforce competencies.
?         16 recommendations in four reports related to evidence-based healthcare
?         16 recommendations relating to standards on monitoring effectiveness of care
?         14 recommendations on systematic monitoring arrangements for identifying and acting on opportunities to improve care

?         19 recommendations in all seven reports relating to the standard on acting on recommendations of investigations.


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