Monday, July 2, 2012

A vision for Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing

The new report 'A vision for Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing: a shared journey for mental health care in Ireland' is now in AIT Health Science Library Reference section:
Link to record and online resource

Nurses' Kindness

The Gift of Kindness
There is no way of knowing the true value of the kindness nurses and social workers are giving freely while doing the work they are paid to do. The kindness so many of them give has healed many people after everything else had failed.

There are many nurses and doctors who have a gift of being able to make you feel better, yet they don't even know they have a special gift. This gift of kindness and respect towards others can make people feel so uplifted that is often all that's needed to strengthen the immune system so they can overcome their own problems.

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