Friday, January 13, 2017

Talks have got under way in a bid to avert industrial action by nurses

Talks have got under way in a bid to avert industrial action by nurses across the health service over staff shortages from next month.

Officials from the Department of Health and the HSE met with the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO) yesterday to discuss demands for an improved package to incentive nurses to apply for jobs here.
The union said hundreds of jobs remained unfilled with serious implications for patient care and existing staff burnout.
INMO chief Liam Doran said that HSE management would bring draft proposals to the union on January 20, while both sides would meet for face-to-face talks three days later.
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Are Coincidences More Than Coincidental? A Physician Shares a Compelling Story

27 Doctors Collaborate On A New Book Detailing Miraculous Physician Experiences

Have you ever had a moment where you were pondering a problem when suddenly an announcer on the radio started to discuss some approaches to that very dilemma.  My wife, Joan, who is more attuned to spiritual matters, was sewing at home when she suddenly had to jump into her car and hurry to the grade school where my son, Nathan, was just being led to the nursing station with a severe asthma attack.
Just yesterday I was going through a desk drawer looking for a schedule when a scrap of paper literally popped out of the drawer.  Written on the paper was the name of my old college roommate and his phone number which I had recorded on that yellowed sheet many years before.  We had lost contact with each other in the press of everyday life but I felt an urgency to contact him. When I did, I quickly learned why.  He was suffering from cancer and his chemotherapy had just stopped working.  I learned that he needed to talk seriously with a trusted old friend and physician about his options. Do coincidences like these happen in our daily lives more frequently than we might realize?

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The Mindful Nurse

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Four Greatest Psychological Discoveries of 2016

Yes, you have had a lot to deal with in 2016. Your job, your family, your finances, and the election, to name a few.
While your attention has been focused on all of these personal and societal challenges, scientists have been working behind the scenes to learn what you can do to become happier and healthier in 2017 and beyond.
Here are four impactful studies that offer valuable information that can guide your decisions and focus in the coming year

How exercise is the latest 'wonder drug' that all doctors should prescribe

It's hailed as the "wonder drug" of 2017 that all doctors should prescribe - and it's free.
Exercise is hard to beat for its power to not just prevent but also treat illness.
It is possible to walk your way to better health, according a group of experts on the physical activity policy group of the Royal College of Physicians.
Co-chair of the group, Professor Sean Gaine, a specialist in the Mater Hospital, Dublin, said they were urging fellow doctors to "engage with patients to increase their levels of physical activity, through advice, prescription and referral".
The impressive long-term benefits include:

- A 30pc risk reduction in deaths from any cause;
- Reduced chance of heart disease, stroke and cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, breast and colon cancer;
- 29pc-30pc less risk of depression;
- 30pc lower risk of falls in elderly;
- 36pc-68pc reduced risk of hip fracture.

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