Thursday, October 29, 2015

Quickest way to LOWER your blood pressure REVEALED....and it can be done in just 10 DAYS

CUTTING sugar in diets – even without reducing calories – can improve your health in 10 days.

If the children lost weight, they were given more low sugar foods to keep weight stable. Total dietary sugar was reduced from 28 per cent to 10per cent. It led to swift improvements in health. Jean-Marc Schwarz, senior author of the paper, said: “I have never seen results as striking or significant.
“They were consuming the same number of calories as before, just with significantly less sugar. “After only nine days, the results are dramatic and consistent from subject to subject. These findings support the idea that it is essential for parents to evaluate sugar intake.”
Researchers believe it is the kind of calorie we take in that affects health. Dr Lustig explained: “Where those calories come from determines where in the body they go. Sugar calories are worst – they turn to fat in the liver.

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